The flavored salt 

It is the result of two years of experimental work carried out on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura where the product was tested and marketed both on the island and in Italy through some distributors in supermarket chains and food shops.

Crema de sal en venta.jpg
soffi di sale al campanario.jpg

Now we have opened the first factory in Alexandria and started the production of flavored salt and the marketing of spices and herbs.

These are the first products to come out of production. These are flavorings we call SIWAX in homage to the precious rock salt of the Siwa oasis that we use for the preparation of our recipes.

I 4 barattolini assieme (avuti da leo Pr

SIWAX for meat

SIWAX for fish

SIWAX for chicken

SIWAX for vegetables

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