This project called FLAVORED SIWA SALT is the first step of a larger project that we are calling FOOD EXPRIT PROJECT which will include a line of innovative products aimed at enhancing the flavors of food and therefore linked to human nutrition.
Let us now examine what the Flavored Siwa Salt Project consists of.

It is our intention to transfer to Egypt the production activity, started two years ago in Fuerteventura, of a particular high quality flavored salt that we started selling on the island to restaurants and shops and, through a distributor, also in some supermarkets of the Liguria of the Sogegros group.

Ours is an innovative quality product. The salt is mixed with the aromas that we previously prepared by drying the fruit or other ingredients such as ginger.

 The proportions, drying times and other precautions are part of our secret formulas which are the result of years of work.

The activity in Fuerteventura is artisanal, but the high production costs and the scarcity of raw material convinced me to come to Egypt to verify the possibility of installing here a process as that of Fuerteventura.

The production costs, the quality of the salt were examined and a circle of trusted collaborators was selected, stimulated by this new initiative and we decided to move production to Egypt and create a line of innovative products, exploiting the high quality of the salt of Siwa, the very low labor and raw material costs to launch these products in the global market.

Our project is based on this foundation: The quality of the salt, the value of our formulas and the value of the brand we are going to create by focusing on the name of SIWA which has its exotic charm, a history and above all a high-end salt.
An online contest will be carried out for the realization of the brand that will represent our product in the world. We want to protect it with a patent and we want this flavored salt, in the not too distant future, to be marketed all over the world, because this is its possible market and we want to face it.
This is our vision.

An online contest will be carried out for the realization of the brand that will represent our product in the world. We want to protect it with a patent and we want this flavored salt, in the not too distant future, to be marketed all over the world, because this is its possible market and we want to face it.

 The reference markets for this product are:

  • Supermarkets for which the product will be packaged in bottles or glass jars containing 60 g or 100 g of product, depending on the markets of sale, but also in cardboard packaging satisfying the 5 flavors to offer with only purchase the taste of our flavors.

  • Food stores where they will be offered in practical counter displays through a network of distributors.

  • The HO.RE.CA. for which the salt will be offered in 5, 10 and 15 Kg bags for professional use by food preparation staff (restaurants, pizzerias, cafeterias, catering, etc.)

Salt, which is a poor ingredient, once worked with the amalgam of aromas, acquires enormous added value especially considering the sales made in European countries where it can be sold at much more advantageous prices.

The reference market for this product is worldwide, because salt is commonly used in the preparation of meals. And using our flavored salt will further enhance the flavor of the food because each aroma has been designed to be combined with dishes. We have already noticed in our previous experience in Fuerteventura, that customers, once they have tried this product, they get used to the new flavors and they come back to buy it.

On the packs will be emphasized Siwa rock salt as a pure, uncontaminated salt, an added value compared to the salt normally on the market.

With the machinery currently available and with 3 production workers plus a warehouseman, 4.5 tons of flavored product can be produced in various essences in a month.

Given that this is an innovative and low-cost product, the market launch does not require expensive advertising campaigns, but a careful presentation of the product at the point of sale to arouse curiosity and push the consumer to impulse purchase.

The transfer of production to Egypt leads to an incredible increase in earnings, especially for the export product, where with 600%-mark ups, we go out with an excellent price on the market.

The counts that are part of our Business Plan show that a pack of 100 g of flavored salt will cost 20 euro cents  and can be sold on the Italian market for 1.2 euro per big organised distribution and 1.7 for grocery stores, butcher shops etc.

The packs for the internal market, not only Egypt, but the whole MENA area, are 60 g to contain the cost and can be sold with a 100% mark-up. The market is virgin, there is practically no competition and therefore our limitation will rather be our productive capacity. For this reason, it is planned, in parallel with the sales trend, to invest every six months in new production units to expand production.

To achieve our goals we need resources to finance the transfer of the activity and to start the project in great shape by making all the investments described in the INVESTMENT DETAIL for about 30,000 USD including VAT.

It is also necessary to find the liquidity necessary to pay in advance the supplies of raw and ancillary materials, the costs of the premises and salaries to employees, VAT advances, as per the FINANCIAL PLAN prospectus. (p. 9) for about 30,000 USD.

In total, the amount needed to deal calmly with about two months of production costs pending the authorizations that allow us to sell the stored product is 60,000 USD. Therefore, the first two months we will produce for the warehouse, while at the same time orders can be acquired with scheduled deliveries.

Therefore, we are looking for financing of 60,000 USD through direct contacts for the search for one or more lenders for the first step of this project.

The loan we request will be returned by January 10, 2022, plus 100% of the invested capital as shareholdings in the profits made. In addition, every year by January 10 we will pay 15% per annum of the amount invested. This means having a return of 137.5% in 2.5 years, or 55% on average per year.

To get an idea of the potential of the project just think of the 72 million euros paid by McCormick & Co. Inc. for the purchase of 100% of Drogheria & Alimentari, the largest Italian manufacturer of spices. (https://www.zacks.com/stock/news/176681/mccormick-completes-acquisition-of-drogheria-amp-alimentari )

"Drogheria e Alimentari (with the reduced perimeter as explained above) was valued at 85 million euros, equal to more than 9 times the ebitda of 2014. The valuation includes an earn out that will be paid in 2018 for a value of up to 35 million euro linked to the company's results at the end of 2017 "extracted from https://bebeez.it/2015/02/20/gli-americani-mccormick-comprano-le-spezie-drogheriaalimentari/ .

Our flavored salt is not a product in competition with that market, namely that of spices, but an innovative product whose large consumption does not yet exist. That's why we want to be the pioneers of this great adventure.

We are in negotiations for a supply of 15 tons of product for an Italian supermarket chain. We just have to start production. Only this order will bring the company a profit of around 120,000 euros.

If you find our project interesting and want to be part of our team, write to contact@constok.com. or call  +20 1028542336 Mr. Mohamed Rekz