Constok Consulting Co is a young Egyptian company, but with Italian capital and management.

We are currently interested in developing an interesting project in Egypt called FOOD EXPRIT which develops in several phases.
The first concerns the transfer of the production of aromatized salt from Fuerteventura to Egypt.
The idea is to exploit the high quality and the Siwa salt brand, lower production and taxation costs, to transform a small artisan company into an industrial reality able to cope with the marketing of the product which, protected by a registered trademark, can be exported to other countries in the world.
Yes, our VISION is to transform our idea into a global consumer product.
Since this type of product does not currently have much competition, it is necessary to grow rapidly to conquer the market in the shortest possible time.
To grow rapidly we need the help of entrepreneurs who believe in the project. Through an online platform we look for Business Angels to obtain a loan of 60.0000 USD needed to transfer our machinery and our know-how to Egypt and enhance production. The minimum investment required is 500 USD, the investment lasts 2 and a half years and has a 55% annual return. Incredible don't you think? Yet it is true.
If you also want to contribute and at the same time make a very profitable investment, contact us: