This project involves the creation of a refreshment place where it is possible to eat lunches of Italian cuisine in a simple and fast way, but always tasty and to buy in the same shop the products that were used to make the meal.

The environment will be characterized by a sober furniture that recalls the classic Italian trattoria where the customer must come and find himself in a family environment. The layout must be structured so that the customer, once the meal has been consumed, must pass through the shop, be able to view the products on sale and if he wants to, he can buy and pay for them at the checkout.


The project involves the construction of owned premises in the Canary Islands and the sale of franchises for premises to be opened in other locations with a tourist vocation.

The management of the refreshment point will be easy. It will not be necessary to be a chef. It is sufficient to have preparation for the kitchen and to apply the instructions that will be given when starting the activity.


The foods will be those supplied by the company that will manage this project, except for those available fresh on site and those permitted by contractual agreements.

The franchisee must adopt the furniture provided by the franchisor, together with the first supply of management products and adopt the uniforms prescribed by the regulation.